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Cla Vs C Class 2018 References

Cla Vs C Class 2018. 2018 mercedes benz cla vs 2018 mercedes benz c class luxury cars. 2019 mercedes benz cla vs 2018 mercedes benz c class coupe.

cla vs c class 2018
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2020 mercedes cla vs mercedes s class youtube. Among similarities are the body structure, market.


At 184.6 inches long and 72.0 inches wide, the new cla is 5.5 inches. Both vehicles offer a 2.0l i4 engine.

Cla Vs C Class 2018

Find your vehicle deal right nowHere s how the new mercedes cla is different from the a class sedan.Here’s a quick look at their performance specs:The cla shooting brake world starts from 29,214.50 euro for the cla 180 with 1.6 liter turbo/122 hp.

The new 2018 cla 250 has a seating capacity of five and has four doors, and the new 2018 c 300 has a seating capacity of four and has two doors.The same 1.6 liter turbo, but with 129 hp placed under the hood of the c 160 estate, raises the bill to 33,350 euro.There are a few differences that are immediate by comparing the spec sheets.While both of these models are considered coupes, there are some major design differences between them.

While both sedans seat 5, the amount of space varies from there.