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Wow Most Fun Class. 1) stealth 2) stuns 3) pickpocketing edit: After a while of not playing im returning to wow when the pre patch launches.

wow most fun class
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As a bonus, if you’re interested in the full classic experience, they’re one of the few classes able to create and wield thunderfury, blessed blade of the windseeker, which is a fun questing. Ask a million players and you’ll get a million and one different answers.

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Best / most fun melee dps class for shadowlands!!! But you really have to like simple to enjoy it.

Wow Most Fun Class

Druid is the most diverse with all 4 specs (tank, heals, melee and ranged dps).Druids are easier to lvl, if you played rogue i think druid cat is the same, piece of cake bro !Even your basic abilities and attack animations have a great sense of kinetic joy to use.For dps i think enhancement shaman and affliction warlock are pretty fun.

For healing i think druids are the most fun.For instance, i don’t like ranged casting dps.For me its hunter and i am having blast, nothing beats having a pet tank for you.Holy paladin, cos healings and after 12± years of warrior, i really like class doing somethink for others.

Humans are the faces of the alliance and the most relatable race of them all (except for you lizard people out there).Hunter is really fun for me in levelling.I don’t have nearly as much experience tanking, but out of the three tanks i like prot paladin the most.I have more fun on my rogue because of 3 things:

I think it would be great to see everyones perspective on the different classes.I was under the impression that the dot classes are.I’m not talking about fotm but in your opinion whats is the most fun dot class to play and why?If you don’t want the utter simplicity of the outlaw, fury is your best bet.

If you havent played a druid !!!!!Is there even any such thing as a dot class anymore?It is not funny bro !It’s the most perfect form of the spec ever, nothing extra and to get there you pick mostly all passives, plain and simple.

It’s just so much fun!Liquid bike 8 years ago #1.Most fun is going to vary from person to person.My top 3 would be shaman, paladin and death knight.

Nothing it more agonizing than standing there for 2 seconds while waiting for a cast to fire off.Now im having trouble deciding which class to main in shadowlands.Other than that fury warrior.Over the years my preference has always been melee dps so im looking to that role.

Personally the most fun is outlaw rogue, but you have to spec snd.Plus there’s noting better than tanking in dispersion xd.Right_chus_1 8 years ago #2.Rnso true i laughed :drnrngreat post highness, im just going to add that a mage can be very strong in pvp vs warriors, and while rogues are hard to level, they are one of the most fun classes to level.

Shadow priest is pretty fun to play if you watch how to help your raid since you basically wont die.Stealthing around and cautiously planning your sap and blind.Thanks to a passive that grants an additional boost to all secondary stats, they’re one of the best races in wow and a solid pick for pretty much any class.The de facto ruler of solo play, the hunter is by far the best choice for players who are new to wow classic and want to have an easy time navigating it their first time through.

The rest of the abilities all feel just as good to use.